Fast Powerful Reporting for Epicor, SAP Business One and Coda

FastClose is a reporting solution with a built-in understanding of the structure of your ERP out of the box; it installs and can be delivering value against your own data in under 40 minutes. With different tools for different types of user, FastClose also integrates with both Excel and Power BI.

Boasting an interface geared towards users, typically accountants, who know what they need but may not know their way around the ERP database, it allows them to design and build complex reports to their exacting needs, without help from IT.
FastClose 2.3 released January 2021, includes a number of new major features as well as new solution content and a host of smaller changes. Find out more here or visit the features page to discover the full breadth of what FastClose offers.


Excel Add-in

for users that want to consume FastClose reporting live in Excel

Consume FastClose reports directly in Excel. Change dimension filters and run reports live. Combine multiple reports in workbooks.

FastClose gives you the best of both worlds: controlled reports that deliver accurate numbers live in Excel for further analysis.
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for Report Power Users

Build reports with drill to detail or other related reports. Control and publish to end users. Lock down data in any dimension, securing data by such facets as company, cost centre, account code and warehouse.

You've got the Power!
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Read & Navigate

for Executives to see live numbers safely, anytime

Live published reports allow managers and executives to see in real-time how the numbers are changing.

Drill down to transaction detail to spot problems early in the month or navigate to related reports that provide a different perspective.
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to surface KPI dashboards or visualise quantities

Use FastClose own Power BI Dashboards or dramatically accelerate the delivery of your own with FastClose. Automate the flow of data with FastClose Scheduler.

Let FastClose make finding that KPI or creating that dataset easy.
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Multi Dimensional Reporting

To fully unleash the potential of your ERP and it’s finance features, best-in-breed reporting is needed. FastClose unites the power of the ERP system with all encompassing reporting options to provide truly multi-dimensional reporting, supercharging your ERP.

FastClose delivers access to a broad array of areas spanning the full spectrum of Epicor and SAP Business One Reporting and Financial Reporting functionality:

General Ledger,

Accounts Receivable,

Accounts Payable,

Sales Order Processing,

Purchase Order Processing,


(SAP Business One & Epicor)


Fixed Assets,

Demand Management



and Drop Shipments

(Epicor Only)

It is multi-company, multi-currency, and can support books with monthly, weekly, and even yearly accounting periods, all at the same time.

Templates offer drills to expose the underlying detail, or other related sub-ledgers, allowing you to follow the money and the story of its flow, in seconds. Reports can be shared with other members of the accounts team or business unit managers.

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